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Expert Witness Services

Dr. John Cleveland has the qualifications and experience to provide litigation consulting and expert testimony services in any area of transit civil rights. Dr. Cleveland has over 26 years experience in transit and transportation civil rights, including expert witness services.  He is considered an expert in the proper boarding, deboarding and securement of passengers in mobility devices and in the use of occupant restraint systems.  He specializes in the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), and accessibility requiremensts for transit passengers with disabilities.  His experience includes expert witness services for both the Defendant and the Plaintiff in various transit litigation cases.

Dr. Cleveland has the qualities of being trusted, believable, and convincing.  A veteran of 23 litigation cases, with seven depositions and two jury trial testimonies, he has never had his credibility as an Expert challenged in a deposition or in court.  His testimony at both jury trial cases resulted in victories for the lawyers that retained him.

Dr. Cleveland's qualifications as a civil rights trainer, consultant, manager, compliance and complaint investigator along with his Ph.D. in Public Administration, gives him impeccable credentials to serve as an Expert.

Dr. Cleveland approaches every case in an objective manner.  He has a passionate belief in the rights of passengers with disabilities, but also believes in the rights of transit agencies and the responsibilities of transit passengers that they serve.

Dr. Cleveland has impressive communication skills both in training presentations, depositions and in the courtroom.  He has 40 years experience in public speaking that began during his time in the Airforce, and continued in making presentations to disability advocacy groups in the City of Phoenix, and doing training presentations as a senior trainer at the National Transit Institute and Community Transportation Association of America.

Cleveland Civil Rights Consulting (CCRC) can provide the right kind of expert witness services in pre-trial, depositions and trial proceedings that can produce positive results.