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Fixed Route Boarding and Deboarding

ADA & Fixed Route Service

The following 17 requirements for fixed route service are found in the Department of Transportation (DOT ) regulations promulgating American with Disabilities Act (ADA) Title II. Through training programs and consulting field visits, Cleveland Civil Rights Consulting (CCRC) provides guidance and best practices to ensure that all 17 requirements are successfully implemented.

 Maintenance of accessible features
 Keeping vehicle lifts operable
 Keeping vehicle ramps operable
 Rescue requirements
 Securement use
 Securement system specifications
 Announcement of stops
 Vehicle identification/ route announcements
 Service animals
 Information in accessible formats
 Lift deployment
 Accessible bus stop requirements
 Complementary paratransit requirements
 Persons with portable oxygen
 Boarding and de-boarding
 Use of priority seating

Cleveland Civil Rights Consulting (CCRC) goes beyond the 17 basic requirements. CCRC makes transit agencies aware of the latest compliance reviews conducted on fixed route service by the Federal Transit Administration (FTA). Additionally, CCRC will review your policies for the provision of service on fixed route and assist your agency in revising existing policies and writing new policies for equitable service for all passengers.