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Man and Woman Sitting  Customer Service to People with Disabilities

Customer Service and
Sensitivity to People with Disabilities

Cleveland Civil Rights Consulting (CCRC) is committed to the idea that greater customer service and greater accessibility for people with disabilities occurs through greater sensitivity to their needs. CCRC offers training programs that present accessibility in a framework of proactively removing barriers to transportation that arise through discrimination based on disability. All material is presented from the perspective of the awareness of and sensitivity to a diversity of types of disabilities to include physical, developmental, cognitive, intellectual and hidden disabilities. We assist you to know different types of passenger disabilities, and how these disabilities can affect the individual’s ability to functionally use fixed route and paratransit. We provide training on how different types of disabilities require different levels of assistance and methods for effective communication, creating a greater understanding on the part of your agency staff regarding how people with disabilities travel and navigate the transit system. We can also provide tailored guidance and consulting to assist you with passengers with disabilities that have very special and unique travel needs that present difficult challenges to your transit system.