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Mobility Device Securement

Mobility Device Securement  Mobility Device Securement  Mobility Device Securement

We offer classroom training to drivers, road supervisors, administrative staff and management on securement techniques for difficult to secure mobility devices by presenting, demonstrating, and practicing problem-solving skills for securing both manual and powered mobility devices. We provide clarity and understanding of changes to DOT regulations that require all transit providers to make best efforts to board and secure oversized and difficult to secure mobility devices. Our training is essential in educating transit personnel on creating the right balance between maximum accessibility for people in mobility devices and being able to recognize legitimate safety concerns in the boarding and securement process.

An expert in boarding, securement and deboarding of passengers in mobility devices, Dr. Cleveland and Cleveland Civil Rights Consulting (CCRC) has provided transit agencies with the problem solving skills to successfully secure difficult to secure mobility devices and oversized devices on board transit buses. We go beyond the classroom and conduct hands on extensive and practical training on the bus using actual boarding and securement equipment.