John Cleveland Civil Rights Consulting

Course #A-12

Developing In Person Functional Assessments for
ADA Paratransit Eligibility Determinations

-Three Day Course-

This course is designed to provide hands on instruction for the implementation of in-person physical functional assessments, in-person interviews and in-person cognitive functional assessments.  The course provides both classroom and field instruction using actual transit environments.

The course begins with a review of ADA paratransit criteria and then reviews ADA paratransit eligibility requirements.  Classroom physical in-person functional assessment training includes the application process, interview techniques, a recommended functional assessment process including ten physical observations, and balance tests.  Participants are taken outside on a Transit Environment Course including a bus for boarding and deboarding, crosswalks, standing endurance, rough surfaces and inclines.  Teams then evaluate an applicant through the ten physical observations and classify the applicant in various stages of eligibility.  Participants practice interview techniques with the instructor.

On the third day, teams participate in classroom cognitive in-person assessment techniques using a Functional Assessment of Cognitive Transit Skills (FACTS) tutorial and scoring videos.  Teams then score and classify the applicant using the videos and compare results.


Day One

   – Ten Observations
   – Balance and Gait Test

Day Two


Day Three