John Cleveland Civil Rights Consulting

Course #D-03

Paratransit and Fixed Route Vehicle Specifications:
Procuring the right vehicle for your transit needs

-One Day Course-

Using ADA vehicle guidelines in 36 CFR part 1192, 49 CFR part 38 and the TCRP Report 171 on Use of Mobility Devices on Paratransit Vehicles and Buses, this workshop provides the tools to transit managers, administrators, supervisors and drivers to know the Americans with Disabilities Act and United States Access Board requirements for transit paratransit and fixed route vehicle specifications. These specifications include, lift, ramp, door width, aisle width, dimensions for the securement area, fare box, bus steps, grab bars, types of securement systems, wheelchair securement track configurations, seat configurations and wheelchair ramp/lift placement (front or middle door). Equipped with this information, transit staff can make better decisions regarding their options in terms of types and kinds of vehicles that best meet their needs in terms of serving the community, including people with disabilities.