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Transit Civil Rights Regulations

Wading through federal bureaucratic regulations can be tough. Some of these regulations have not been around that long.  Transportation providers face three challenges: 1) Becoming familiar with regulations as useful sources of guidance; 2) Understanding their specific technical guidance; and 3) Applying that guidance to “on the street” situations.

Transit Civil Rights is for EveryoneDr. Cleveland is an expert in taking complicated federal regulations, circulars and guidelines and applying them to unique and challenging situations that transportation providers face every day “on the street” in their provision of service, in their contracting and in their workplace. John has an inventory of 25 different training courses that he teaches to transit providers around the country.

Cleveland Civil Rights Consulting (CCRC) will also keep your agency current on the latest and proposed regulatory changes to transit civil rights regulations. For example, major regulatory changes were made in 2011 to the provision of service for passengers in mobility devices and in 2015 regulatory changes were made in the form of reasonable modifications to policies and practices for greater accessibility for people with disabilities.  Dr. Cleveland will also assist you in understanding the FTA ADA Guidance Manual which was published in 2015.