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Paratransit Van Assistance

ADA Paratransit Requirements

Cleveland Civil Rights Consulting (CCRC), through training programs and consulting, provides transit agencies with the tools that they need to effectively manage ADA Complementary Paratransit programs. Going beyond the six basic regulatory requirements for the provision of ADA Complementary Paratransit service, CCRC provides training and expertise in ADA Eligibility methodologies, best practices in reservations, scheduling and dispatching and effective management of demand on ADA Paratransit systems through the use of conditional and trip by trip eligibility. Covering all aspects of passenger rights on ADA Paratransit, CCRC provides expert guidance on suspension of service based on excessive no-shows, late cancellations, and conduct and the appeals process required when suspensions occur, as well as the required appeals process when decisions are made regarding basic eligibility for ADA paratransit.  A new course on ADA Paratransit Eligibility in person assessments for both physical and cognitive disabilities has been developed.  This course has assisted Transit Agencies in making better decisions on ADA eligibility resulting in the reduction of excessive demand on their ADA Paratransit systems.