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Bus Stops and Paratransit Vans

Accessibility Guidelines for Bus Stops and Transit Vehicles

Using guidance in DOT regulations, ADA Accessibility Guidelines, the FTA Circular on ADA Guidance, along with Easter Seals Project Action and TCRP reports, Cleveland Civil Rights Consulting (CCRC) will provide assistance on evaluating your service area’s current bus stop accessibility. This includes evaluations of accessible pathways to the bus stop, bus stop amenities and signage and bus stop area space for passengers with disabilities. Our guidance includes “how to” recommendations for creating a bus stop inventory, bus stop improvement plan and a priority system for bus stop upgrades. As a beginning orientation, our training and field consulting includes pictures and examples of bus stop accessibility used from transit entities around the country. CCRC services include a complete field visit of your local bus stop system with a prioritization plan for greater accessibility.

In January 2017, the United States Access Board implemented the most significant set of revisions to transit vehicle specifications in over 20 years. To assist you in getting to the revisions to 36 CFR, Part 1192 for your vehicle procurement, CCRC can provide classroom training with extensive photographic examples of interior vehicle requirements and field on board audits of your vehicle fleets. This training and audit process would include the following:

 Dimensions for path of travel of mobility devices from bus door to securement area
 Ramp slope requirements for low floor ramped buses
 Dimensions for wheelchair space maneuvering clearances
 Guidelines for wheelchair securement systems
 Stop announcement systems on fixed route service
 Lift equipment dimensions and specifications for high floor buses