John Cleveland Civil Rights Consulting

Course #A-09

Rural and Paratransit Transportation Update: Barriers to Accessibility that Remain

-Half-Day Course-

Using two national reports, this course presents an assessment on the extent to which ADA Paratransit and Rural Transportation have made gains in removing barriers to equitable transportation for people with disabilities and areas where best practices in accessibility have not been implemented and barriers remain. The two reports, “ADA Paratransit Services: Demand Has Increased, but Little is Known About Compliance”, issued by the GAO in 2012 and “Transportation Update, Where We’ve Gone and What We’ve Learned” issued in May 2015 by the National Council on Disability (NCD) both cover a multi-year period from 2005 that assesses progress forward and areas that have stayed in neutral still presenting problems in accessible transportation for people with disabilities.