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Course #F-01

Reservations, Scheduling and Dispatching for Transit Systems

-Two Day Course-

This course examines the relationship between the customer, reservations, scheduling, dispatch and drivers and reviews safety, security and emergency preparedness protocols. Effective trip reservation practices are presented along with best practices for fixed route and demand response route planning and trip scheduling. Effective trip scheduling practices to manage capacity and demand are reviewed in the context of Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) regulatory requirements for complementary paratransit service. Participants learn how to create an effective culture of customer service and the importance of effective documented policies in the provision of service to customers. Finally, key dispatching responsibilities related to system coordination, communications and recording data are covered along with the role of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) in reservations, scheduling and dispatching. The course covers the following topics:

Day One:

  • Reservations, Scheduling and Dispatching Relationship
  • The ADA and Complementary Paratransit Service
  • Safety, Security and Emergency Preparedness Protocols
  • Effective Trip Reservation Practices
  • Scheduler Responsibilities

  • Day Two: